Blind Blonde

Oil on Canvas
Gamma of the painting is almost monochrome. The idea was showing the world seen (imagined) by this blind girl – our supposition – so color palette has been reduced. Because of her blindness, this little Blonde creates her own rich world based on smells, sounds, taste and touches and the nature must be the best source of different stimulations. Her smile indicates that although she is aware of her lack, she loves life and appreciates its values. One of them is friendship. She may be blind but there are her best friends (crow and scarecrow) her faithful followers through life adventures and this weird troupe brings colors to her everyday life.
140 x 90 cm
55,1 x 35,4 in
Location: Serbia
Year: 2018

This is a unique work

Identity number: ND2022020
Shipping: €180 Europe, €300 rest of World