Oil on Canvas
This funny scene is an allusion to an event from the Garden of Eden. In this case, the delicious berries of some exotic fruit took on the role of an apple. This work stands in defense of the female child, who is not cursed by birth, nor is she obliged to accept the “fate” of the female gender (a woman who is cursed and which also led a man to commit a sin). The author presents a cheerful child who considers the snake for a friend in the game and research, all with the intention of disputing this kind of prejudice that some people cultivates towards women, but also towards snakes. A big child’s heart, pure and sincere emotions, which dominate in the painting, are in great opposition to the imposed values that the community assigns to an adult female person.
100 x 130 cm
39. x 51,8 in
Location: France
Year: 2018

This is a unique work

Identity number: ND2022023