Wunderkind Camouflage

Oil on Canvas
This painting is a symbol of loneliness. It is shown a child with above-average abilities. But, she (or he, it is not defined) is lonely because she needs it herself, and her specific interests demand the same. Besides, it takes a lot of dedication, self-discipline, and sacrifice for such an advanced child to start upgrading her knowledge from an early age. On the other hand, there is another type of solitude, in her life that sometimes it’s hard to bear. It often happens to her to be rejected by the collective and peers because advanced skills set her apart from the crowd. She knows that, until she grows up, she will be considered a weird, until she deserves the respect of the community for her great deeds. Sitting in the foreground, with eyes wide open, she starts to communicate and shows a desire for acceptance. A calm attitude and calm water are a symbol of high consciousness, maturity, and wisdom. The child does not sink under her own weight because she is composed of sublime emotion, a clear mind, and strong energy. She is in a meditative weightless state. Here, she is dressed in a frog suit, camouflaged with the background, as a kind of attempt to be accepted in her environment.
100 x 140 cm
39 x 55,1 in
Location: France

This is a unique work

Identity number: ND2022034