Oil on Canvas
In the corner, sits a girl of above-average abilities. Her appearance is overwhelming, it seems. She plays a chess game, which is a very complex game for a girl of her age. But she doesn’t seem at all confused. She is her own opponent. This situation is about fighting with oneself, which generally has the greatest progress as a result. She is ahead of her generation. She is also crowned. The crown is a symbol of leadership. The use of color (symbol of emotion) is deliberately avoided in order to put her intellect and clear mind in focus. In the painting, the most impressive is her insightful look. She is dressed in a bathrobe like the great creators (writers, artists, scientists) were; innovators who create works of inconceivable values in their four walls, hidden from and forgotten by their contemporaries.
100 x 75 cm
43,3 x 29,5 in
Location: France
Year: 2018

This is a unique work

Identity number: ND2022032